Applications and functions at a glance



Windows and Linux

Fully integrable with PSIcontrol SCADA HMI

Integration with other SCADA systems via OPC / OPC UA

Single / Redundant Server

Simulation (RTTM)

Finite volume method

Applicable for the transport of liquids and gases

Calculation of 70 hydraulic profiles (flow, pressure, temperature, density, etc.)

Graphical visualization of profiles

Simulation cycle adjustable

Shortest simulation cycle: 1 second

Calculation of steady-state and transient operating conditions

Calculation of the total pipeline inventory

Calculation of the pipeline inventory of individual balance sections

Provision of data for leak detection and tracking

Consideration of slack line conditions

Predictive simulation (look-ahead)

What-If Simulation

Leak Detection
Leak Location

Standard compliance: TRFL, API 1130

Pressure and Flow Monitoring

Tank Level Comparison

Pressure-Temperature Method

Differencial Pressure Method

Negative Pressure Wave

Uncompensated Mass Balancing

Compensated Mass Balancing

Model-Compensated Mass Balancing (RTTM)

Pig Tracking

Cleaning pigs

Inspection pigs

Separation balls

Pig data management

Graphical visualization

Start, stop, edit pig movements

Detailed data display on current location and arrival time

Batch Tracking

Tracking of crude and petrochemical products

Data management of fluids and physical properties

Assignment of color codes

Graphical visualization

Start, stop, edit batch movements

Detailed data display on current location and arrival time

Detailed data display on batch sizes and sampling points

Display of past batch movements


Stress monitoring

Slack line monitoring

Processing of selected simulation values as measured values

Comparison of simulation values and measured values

Graphical display of simulated and measured values


Precise batch cutting

Tracking of drag reducing agents (DRA)

Calculation of hydraulic effects of drag reducing agents

Pump optimization

Monitoring of pump and valve characteristic curves