Software for Pipeline Operations

Transport liquids and gases continuously and safely

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The Pipeline Digital Twin

Simulation in real-time

Observe in real-time what is happening in the pipeline. Every second.

Seamlessly monitor every section of the pipeline even without sensors.

Determine the causes of deviating operating conditions and their effects.

Sensitive. Reliable. Precise. Robust.

Leak detection and leak location

Avoid damage and financial losses during operation or shutdown of your pipelines.

Combine several methods and establish a high-performance and effective hybrid system.

Our software is compliant with national and international standards such as TRFL and API 1130.

Accurate to the minute

Pig and batch tracking

Tracking in real time. Exact location and arrival times for pigs and batches.

Manage all necessary data for both products and pigs.

All relevant data is available. Interactively intervene at any time during tracking.

Prevent critical situations

Monitoring and data analysis

Monitor the stress on pipelines. Detect signs of material fatigue in a timely manner.

Identify faulty measured values. Detect anomalies.

Determine undesirable slack line conditions. Set the optimum operating pressure at critical points.

Technical Data


Applications and functions at a glance