PSIganesi Studio

Functions at a glance



Windows 10 / 11


50 GB HD / SSD






Compressor stations


Resistance elements

Heat exchanger


Hydraulic and thermodynamic simulation

Location and time step adjustable

Gas transmission pipelines and distribution networks

Onshore and offshore gas pipelines

Implicit finite difference method

Applicable for the calculation of pipeline networks for natural gas / biomethane and hydrogen / hydrogen admixtures

Compressor model with or without characteristic boundaries

Different gas state equations (e.g. SGERG-88, AGA8-DC92, GERG-2008, SGERG-mod H2)

Different methods for the calculation of the pipe friction coefficient (Prandtl-Colebrook, Hofer, Zanke, Haaland, Chen)

Calculation of steady and transient states

Calculation of pressure, flow, gas velocity and temperature in the pipe network

Calculation of the network content

Calculation of gas quality distribution for different injected gases

Calculation of leakages

Event Display

Single value display in the topology

Pipe coloring according to simulation results

Time history curves

Time history tables

Site curves

Calculation of leakages

Compressor maps

Quality Planning

Change hourly and daily quantities

Change profile

Transfer quantity time series

Quantity planning import/export

Consumer profiles

Analyze effects of changes in inlet and outlet quantities

Analyze effects of additional inlet and outlet quantities

Analyze effects of volume interruptions

Expansion Planning

Adding pipes, controllers, valves and compressors

Action Planning

Blocking pipelines

Open and close gate valves

Start and stop compressors

Change set points at controllers, compressors, inlet and outlet stations

Futher Functions

Adjustable display units and accuracies

Map display

Export topology displays

Import data from PSIganproda

Import data from PSIcontrol

Import data from NEPLAN