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Plan the optimal operation of a gas grid

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The visual twin

Create network topologies

Create a graphical topology for pipelines and gas grids.

Lay topologies on top of geographical maps and exactly assign all elements.

Use color codes to highlight system states, regions or technological data.

The digital twin

Simulate network topologies

Calculate flow and pressure in the grid. Determine the maximum throughput.

Simulate supply and demand and check when supply set points and boundary conditions change.

Simulate leaks, estimate loss and determine environmental impacts.

System operation

Optimize network topologies

Optimize piping and equipment. Determine necessary requirements for plant engineering.

Examine how design changes affect operations.

Determine changes or modifications that will be most effective.

Gain insights

Examine network topologies

Investigate what happens when hydrogen and biomethane are injected into a gas grid.

Compare different start-up and shut-down procedures. Analyze delivery capacities.

Evaluate possible impacts by setting different flows and pressures.

No negative effects

Analyze network topologies

Analyze the impact of calorific values. Ensure that contract requirements are met.

Analyze supply capacity, transfer strategies and compressor scheduling requirements.

Analyze and evaluate the cost effectiveness of your assets and operations.

Technical Data

Functions at a glance