PSIganesi Online

Software for gas network simulation

Calculate and observe flow states in gas grids

The digital gas grid twin

Know what flows where

Observe transient flow processes in meshed gas grids and determine the current process state.

Continuously track the propagation of different gas properties in a grid during all simulation calculations.

Use the simulation in real-time and also to predict future grid states.

Precise Calculations

Results matter

Determine all causes of deviating operating conditions and their effects.

Simulation results are displayed as single values, in tables and charts, as topology and characteristic curves and graphically in SCADA process displays.

All results are continuously validated. All information including alarms and warnings are logged.

Proactive action

Know what will happen

Cyclically identify any negative deviation toward undesirable process states in advance.

Determine the process element that will reach a certain threshold and find out the exact time of the event.

Determine optimal settings for future control modes and check the effects of the changes.

Pig and token tracking

For clean and safe gas grids

Real-time process tracking. With accurate location and time of arrival for pigs and tokens.

Manage all necessary data for pigs and tokens.

All relevant data is available. Interactively intervene at any time during tracking.

Balancing and leak detection

Know what is in the gas grid

Track in real time the behavior of the grid inventory.

Optimally store gas on or off using line pack.

Continuously monitor the occurrence of possible leaks in the gas grid.