Applications and features at a glance



Monitoring & Control

Gas specific hierarchical data model

Acquisition with all relevant protocols (IEC, OPC, Modbus, Tase.2, serial protocols…)

Uniform processing of current and historical data

Control settings, also as control sequences / control sequence programs

Search in process display

Playback for disturbance analysis

Display and Visualization

Uniform visualization of process and topological displays

Simple and intuitive navigation (One Click Away)

Process display structuring with macros, tiles, layers

Event and Alarm Handling

Clear display of all events and alarms

Supports division of labor through areas of responsibility and operation


Gas specific cyclical archiving

Transparent past and future

Supports all gas days and DST variants

Displays in process displays, curves, tables, dialogs

Subsequent corrections, recalculations to ensure consistency

Search in archive

Notes and Reports

Notes and comments for objects, process displays, archive values, events, alarms

Shift change log

Report generator for cyclic and spontaneous output of report

Authorization System

Access authorization for functions, process displays and objects

Dependent on user group and workstation

Non-functional features

Linux, Windows, mixed environments

Database systems Oracle, Postgres

Highest availability, fault and disaster tolerant, geo-redundant

3 sites (PROD, BACKUP, TEST) with synchronization

Safe, efficient, high performance

Modular, scalable, expandable