PSIcontrol Greengas

Software solution for the energy transition

Plan and control all operations for the inlet of renewable gases

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PSI is the winner of the German Gas Industry's Innovation Award in the category Intelligent Infrastructure

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Focus on the future

Integrate green gasses

Forecast gas inlets from different sources. Track gas qualities at input and output nodes. Analyze compatibility requirements and compatibility conditions for hydrogen and biomethane.

Calculate control targets for energy equivalent gas supplies in the required gas quality. Simulate inputs of hydrogen, biomethane or LNG and analyze the results.

Use our high-performance decision support tools with control schedule recommendations, optimized according to predefined dispatcher target criteria. Perform energy analysis of control actions with CO2-equivalent reporting.

Master the transition

A modern infrastructure

Use our software solution for the planning and integration of hydrogen hubs, biomethane plants and LNG deliveries into the existing gas infrastructure.

Model future gas infrastructures based on expected import and transport flows and potential sector linkage.

Visualize and analyze the compatibility requirements of pipelines and operating equipment. Use the information provided to plan your investments and determine GHG emissions.