A really effective way to monitor pipelines

You operate liquid and gas pipelines, either onshore or subsea.

Monitor all areas with limited or without instrumentation. Simplify and speed up operations and tasks that are essential for the safe transportation of your commodities. Detect leaks quickly and reliably. Track scrapers and batches in multiple-product pipelines. Identify deposits and instrumentation issues. Gain new information and improve your operations.

The software PSIpipelines is your guardian for the safe transportation of 150+ different liquids and gases with different compositions, including crude oil, natural gas, NGL, petrochemical products, chemical products, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, water and many more.

Real-Time Transient Modelling

Your pipeline's digital twin

  Use the most advanced simulation technology to discover what really happens everywhere and everytime inside your pipelines. Thousands of virtual sensors and virtual meters are automatically made available to provide highly accurate data every second. Quickly identify changing conditions and their root causes. Observe immediately all effects of operator actions. And, combine the RTTM with other applications to improve preventative analytics and maintenance, leak detection, product tracking and more.


60 hydraulic profiles with thousands of data points each are calculated every second. These profiles represent the overall process state of your pipeline. All measured values of your instrumentation are used for numerical calculations.


Prevent assets from damage. Identify in advance any negative drift towards undesirable conditions. Detect the process element that is going to reach a certain threshold. Determine the exact time at which the event will occur. Adjust pump switches or modify set points accordingly.


Prevent critical events. Find optimal settings for future operations. Check the effects of all changes. Determine cost-effective pump combinations, transport volumes, optimal control parameters or maximum pressures. Configure and analyze different scenarios.

Leak Detection System

Sensitive. Reliable. Accurate. Robust.

Protect people and nature. Reduce damages and financial losses. Detect and locate pipeline leaks and ruptures quickly and accurately. Use a single method or combine multiple methods to a powerful system that works effectively under all operating conditions in different environments. Integrate an LDS as part of your safety initiatives, which truly meets international and industry standards.


Detect leaks reliably and accurately under all operating conditions based on very accurate pipeline inventory and other RTTM data.

Negative Pressure Wave

Detect leaks very fast on pipelines with no flow meters. Pinpoint accurately the location of an incident or withdrawal.

Mass/Volume Balance

Detect leaks reliably based on compensated pipeline inventory calculations.


Detect leaks reliably in shut-in pipeline sections with no mass flow.


Exactly to the minute

Track the movement of multiple scrapers, smart pigs and spheres from launcher to receiver. Get accurate arrival times and avoid collisions on valves. Monitor the transportation of product batches, in pipelines, even with drastic elevation changes and slack-line conditions. Cut your batches precisely and avoid product loss or contamination. Measure the volume and efficiency of DRA injections.

Pig Tracking

Track different types of smart pigs, scrapers and spheres. Get real-time updates on position, speed and arrival time. Optimize operations and avoid collisions at intermediate stations.

Batch Tracking

Track volume, location and movement of hundreds of different products, from injection to intermediate and final delivery points. Monitor each interface mixing. Adjust your schedules to changed conditions.

DRA Tracking

Reduce energy consumption, increase pipeline flow and determine the effectiveness of these additives.

Precision Batch Cutting

Track density changes and identify  the precise moment of batch cutting. Avoid product contamination and significantly reduce transmix volumes.

Monitoring and Data Analysis

Prevent incidents before they occur

Measure continuously the efficiency of your pipelines and identify deposits. Optimize energy consumption and find cost-effective pigging frequencies. Detect drift, anomalies and failures of your instrumentation as fast as possible. Maintain pipeline safety and extend the life time of your infrastructure. Get necessary guidance to act purposeful in accordance to operational and safety procedures.

Pipeline Stress

Monitor the stress that is caused by varying pipeline pressures.  Predict material fatigue. Analyze trend curves, determine thresholds and extend the life time of your pipelines.

Pipeline Efficiency

Obtain pipeline throughput at the lowest operating cost. Avoid flow blockage and corrosion growth. Get notified in advance to initiate pipeline cleaning. Find the optimal pigging frequency.

Instrumentation Analyzer

Improve maintenance and quickly detect failures. Compare the readings from field instrumentation with RTTM data in order to detect drift and malfunction.

Slack Line

Identify in advance undesired slack line conditions. Or, set optimal operating pressures at critical points to reduce power consumption.

Pipeline Management System

Join in the digital transformation

Pinpoint inefficiencies, improve the accuracy of demand predictions and streamline expensive processes. Enjoy greater visibility into equipment performance and glean real-time insights. Improve proactive maintenance processes and minimize human error. Lower the environment footprint generated by operations.

Create pipeline management solutions from a wide range of incredible applications.

Hydraulic Simulation

  • Real Time Transient Modelling
  • Look-Ahead Simulation
  • What-If Simulation


Pipeline Monitoring

  • Efficiency Monitor
  • Stress Monitor
  • Inventory Monitor
  • Instrumentation Analyzer
  • Interior Corrosion Monitor
  • Slack Line Monitor
  • Pump Monitor

Leak Detection and Location

  • RTTM-based
  • Mass/Volume Balance
  • Negative Pressure Wave
  • Shut-In
  • Pressure Gradient Evaluation


  • Pig Tracking
  • Batch Tracking
  • Precision Batch Cutting
  • DRA Tracking