Get things right from the start.

50 years of industry know-how. Benefit from our vast experience in SCADA, pipeline hydraulics, fluid dynamics, leak detection and multi-product transportation of liquids and gases.

Simulation Modelling and Tuning

We help you to model your pipelines and gas networks to minimize the tuning effort in order to get the most accurate and the fastest simulation models. We evaluate your instrumentation and operation modes to avoid slack line as well as to optimize power consumption.

Leak Detection Evaluation

We evaluate your topology, instrumentation, data acquisition, modes of operations and many other details that affect the performance of leak detection and location to give a realistic assessment of what is technically feasible and what methods are specifically suitable.

Analysis of Historical Data

We evaluate the hydraulics of your pipeline to identify the root causes of anomalies as well as potential instrumentation issues. We also provide data analysis as well as reporting to identify and locate commodity thefts along your pipelines.

Gas Quality Calculation for Billing

We periodically calculate the gas quality at exit points of your gas transportation and distribution networks. Based on your data the results include daily calorific value, standard density, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. You can use the results for your daily or monthly billings.

Software Upgrades

Be an active member of our community to shape the future of the software. Benefit from new trends and developments to meet the next technological requirements and regulatory changes. We pay close attention to this and offer an annual upgrade of software applications and system components.

Cloud Deployment

All PSI applications can be run in a cloud environment to provide the most beneficial and most convenient service to the customer. Clouds simplify operations to increase operational efficiency, rapidly deploy projects and lower lifecycle costs.