PSI Wins New Major PSIPENTA Customer in Switzerland

Berlin, 12 July 2002 – With the famous clockwork producer RONDA AG, Lausen, PSI has gained an additional renowned company as a customer for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system PSIPENTA.COM. The volume of the contract, which PSI won over international competition, is 1.1 million euros.


A decisive factor was, along with the exceptional functionality of PSIPENTA.COM, the degree of competence which the company has in the machine and production sector. Due to the fact that the traders in the clock supplier market act like brokers on the stock market, both the prognoses and the disposition are demanding. The PSI solution supports these complex business processes in an optimal manner. In addition, PSIPENTA.COM provides a management information system with integrated cost calculation for all segments. Using the directly available data this system supplies the necessary strategic and commercial data that are important for the operative decision-making. With PSIPENTA.COM Ronda therefore has a tool that completely covers the needs of the company.


The order from RONDA AG underlines the noticeable increase in demand in the ERP market, even if this is still marked by very long decision-making processes. The increase in demand for PSI solutions together with high cash position of 25 million euros underlines the success of the strategic measures introduced in autumn and the good prospects for PSI.