PSI Expands Range of Services for PSIPENTA Customers

Berlin, 21 August 2003 – The range of services for medium-sized customers in the manufacturing sector of the ERP subsidiary PSIPENTA has been expanded by the technology transfer introduced in the PSI Group in the beginning of 2003. To accomplish this, development resources from the entire PSI Group were utilized so as to round out the services offered in the Production Management segment. The solutions IT security and document management are already being used by PSI customers and are now intended to improve corporate processes in medium-sized enterprises.


The service package IT security checks existing infrastructure systems, looks for security gaps and secures networks at sensitive interfaces.. Denial of Service attacks are detected at an early stage and suspicious data packages blocked. The service package is based on the products PSI Security Check and U-BoX.


An additional service package improves document management. The rapid processing of incoming and outgoing documents increases the company’s profitability. Existing project processes are improved, new, more powerful structures created and content and function administered more flexibly and efficiently. Along with the DocumentManager a content management system the product PSI Pro-Info are used.


PSI AG develops and integrates individual solutions, on the basis of its own software, for the management of large networks (electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, transport), cross-company production management (steel, chemicals, machinery, automotive, logistics) and information management for government and service providers. PSI was founded in 1969 and currently employs 1,250 persons in the group.