PSI 2015 with Leap in Earnings, Record New Orders and Sales

  • New orders increase by 6 % to 195 million euros
  • Sales increase by 4.7 % to 183.7 million euros
  • EBIT improves by 44.2 % to 11.1 million euros
  • Group net result up 82.9 % over previous year at 7.5 million euros

Berlin, 22 March 2016 – The PSI Group increased its sales in financial year 2015 by 4.7 % to 183.7 million euros (2014: 175.4 million euros). New orders increased by 6 % to 195 million euros (2014: 184 million euros) despite the difficult market situation, the volume of orders at the end of the year improved to 129 million euros (2014: 120 million euros). The EBIT increased by 44.2 % to 11.1 million euros (2014: 7.7 million euros). The Group net result improved by 82.9 % to 7.5 million euros (2014: 4.1 million euros), the earnings per share increased correspondingly to 0.48 Euro (2014: 0.26 Euro).

Energy Management was, as in the previous year, characterised by the stable development in the gas and oil business and the continued improvement in the electrical energy business in 2015. Sales for the segment increased by 4.8 % to 67.2 million euros (2014: 64.2 million euros). The EBIT improved to 5.3 million euros (2014: 4.8 million euros). The energy trading software business again attained a balanced result after reimplementing the gas management software on the group platform.

Sales in Production Management increased in 2015 by 8.5 % to 86.4 million euros (2014: 79.6 million euros). The segment’s EBIT increased significantly from 2.2 million euros in the previous year to 6.2 million euros. The highest margins were achieved, despite the steel crisis, in the metal business as well as in logistics following the turnaround after two years of losses.

Infrastructure Management, 30.1 million euros in 2015, had 5 % lower sales (2014: 31.6 million euros). The EBIT decreased to 0.8 million euros (2014: 1.8 million euros). The public transportation business attained, as in the previous year, a good result, while the business in Southeast Asia was encumbered by completion work for major market entry projects and only toward the end of the year there was an upturn in new orders.

The cash flow from operating activities, which had been impacted by the completion of major projects in the previous year, was again very solid with 14 million euros (2014: 24.1 million euros). Liquidity at the end of the year increased to 38.8 million euros (31 December 2014: 29.3 million euros). The Board of Directors will, with approval of the Supervisory Board, recommend a dividend of 0.21 euros to the Annual General Meeting.

As a result of the current developments in the prices of raw materials as well as the insecurities in exchange rates, the management considers a prognosis corridor to be appropriate for 2016. For that reason, PSI aims to once again increase the volume of new orders and the Group sales in the mid-single digit percentage range and attain an EBIT between 11 und 13 million euros.

On the basis of its own software products, PSI AG develops and integrates complete solutions for energy management (gas, oil, electricity, heat, energy trading), production management (mining, metals, automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics) and infrastructure management for transport and safety. PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 1,650 persons worldwide.