New gas management system for the liberalised gas market: PSI receives a strategic large order from Ruhrgas

Berlin, Essen, 25 August 2000 - Ruhrgas AG, Essen has commissioned PSI AG with the creation of a new gas management system. With a volume which is significantly in the double-digit million range it is one of the largest orders in PSI´s history. The project will be completed in three stages by 2003. With this order from Ruhrgas, PSI continues to build its leading position as a supplier of software solutions for the deregulated energy market. Together with the acquisition of the gas management systems sector of debis Systemhaus, this means that PSI has expanded from being the market leader for solutions in the electricity sector into the gas market, and will take a leading role in Europe in the future.


PSI has been commissioned to create solution which represents a new generation of gas management systems, which support the management of gas pipelines as well as transport. It covers the areas of operative management, sales management, volume planning, forecasts/simulation and optimisation. This means that it supports the entire process from the acquisition of the gas to the supply to the customer.


With a share of 21.3% of German primary energy consumption, natural gas is now already the third most important energy carrier. With this share expected to increase to 25% by 2010, natural gas is by far the energy carrier with the greatest growth potential. PSI anticipates a marked increase in demand for the new generation of gas management systems as a result of the growth of the gas market and the continuing market liberalisation. PSI already has a broad customer base in the gas market in German-speaking countries, as well as important customers in Italy, France and Scandinavia. The expansion of activities in the gas market is part of the general PSI strategy "Resource management via the Internet", which is a strategic combination of PSI activities in the fields energy, logistics and eBusiness.