Wide-ranging Innovations in the ERP Standard PSIpenta.com Version 7 Software simplifies moving prefabrication steps abroad

Berlin, 24 August 2004 – The Berlin PSI AG officially released its ERP Standard PSIpenta.com Version 7 on 20 August 2004. In accordance with the current market demands of international production companies, the system has been expanded with central functions in workflow management and in multi-site controlling. Simultaneously, a number of new customer needs were included, which also led to significant improvements in the operation and handling of the application. The system was developed and tested in accordance with ISO 9001-certified PSI guidelines.

The new version 7 distinguishes itself in particular with functional new developments in the area of multi-site controlling. This allows companies and groups with distinct production processes to move the prefabrication abroad, without having to forfeit central data maintenance. Cross-site goods and value flows are taken into account equally. This makes it possible to work in a multi-site environment with various sites and a number of basic currencies as if they were in a single plant. In addition, the system also reproduces the international requirements for accounting and controlling. The expanded multi-lingual capability allows for cross-site data to be entered, stored and displayed in the individual user language. A powerful workflow engine, which is also contained in the new standard, makes for highly automated order handling. The basis for the new development was the research project PROwork, which was conducted jointly with the universities of Münster and Aachen as well as a number of customers.


Furthermore, the innovations for usage and operating comfort resulted from working groups with current customers. “By including customer wishes and their experiences in the new PSIpenta.com 7 version, a new, future-oriented ERP standard has been developed which will significantly increase the competitiveness of existing and new users,“ explains Norbert Voll, Chairman of the Interessengemeinschaft der Piuss-O und PSIpenta-Anwender (IPA). Well-known customers with multi-site requirements have already decided in favor of a migration.


PSIpenta.com7 was conceived as a platform-independent application and therefore runs on both the current Windows and Unix platforms as well as on the IBM i-series (AS/400). The system supports databases from Oracle and IBM equally well. The high degree of scalability makes the application practical for all sizes of companies and can, for instance, be easily integrated as a production planning and controlling system in company-wide SAP environments.


PSI AG develops and integrates individual solutions, on the basis of its own software, for the management of large networks (electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, transport), cross-company production management (steel, chemicals, machinery, automotive, logistics) and information management for government and service providers. PSI was founded in 1969 and currently employs 1,150 persons in the group.